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It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.  The Shuswap is down-to-earth. That means that when it comes to engaging in our adventurous and not-so-adventurous activities, we’re pretty casual, laid-back and focused on fun. If you’re looking for everlovin’ relaxed and easy-going fun, then you got the spirit of the Shuswap figured out. All that’s left to do is figure out which good time you’re going to have first!

Check out the amazing Outdoor Adventures, Golf, Water Activities, Family Fun,Shopping, Arts & Culture, and Culinary experiences. For complete visitor information on the Shuswap, click here!


There’s no place like home.  But we have great places to stay here while you play. Enjoying what the Shuswap has to offer is even better after a great night’s sleep. Select from diverse accommodation options including hotels & resorts, motels, B&Bs,cabins & cottages, vacation home rentals, hostels, and RV parks & campgrounds. Oh yeah, remember that this is the Shuswap, which means that our accommodations include houseboats!


Get a taste of the Shuswap!  Shuswap fare features some fine local foods, cafes & bakeries, fast food, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, and more!  The Shuswap boasts beautiful, casual down-to-earth great food, available in a wide variety of authentic dining experiences. There’s a trail of tasty adventures just waiting for you… Intimate restaurants serving incredible cuisine, with local ingredients prepared by hand. There’s farmer’s markets at the hub of quite rural neighborhoods with amazing fresh produce. Local dairies with mind blowing ice cream and exceptional cheeses. And boutique wineries situated just so, on beautiful country roads. Don’t forget about our cafés, pubs and fantastic simple local fares. There’s taste sensations waiting to be discovered. The only thing missing is you!


The Shuswap has several award-winning wineries‚ one of the best kept secrets in our region! These wineries are all family run businesses that produce distinctive cool climate wines that are generally not available in other areas in British Columbia. Although the Shuswap region is considered part of the Okanagan wine growing season, the climate here is cooler than the southern interior regions of BC and therefore creates unique challenges (and incredible tastes) for these producers. The wineries in this region have now perfected a combination of growing techniques and plant selection that enhances the aromas and flavors of their wines and makes these cool climate wines distinctive and worth a visit to the Shuswap‚ you’re guaranteed to be tastefully surprised!

The Shuswap region is also home to breweries in Sorrento and Salmon Arm the pride themselves in using only the finest local ingredients to produce their beers and ales.

Crannóg Ales is Canada’s first Certified Organic farmhouse microbrewery, one of only a handful of such breweries in the world. We opened in 2000, after a year of establishing our organic farm. We brew unfiltered, unpasteurized ales using only organic ingredients, some of which come right from our own farm. All our ales reflect the Irish tradition of brewing full-flavoured, complex ales which are also great session beers.

The Barley Station Brew Pub
…come enjoy the fine food and some of the best beer found anywhere. Their
head brewer uses recipes created exclusively for us using the finest ingredients available. We start with water that has been purified by our in-house reverse osmosis system and then add the right amount of minerals specific to each style beer. This water is combined with the finest malted grain from Europe and North America. The addition of hops chosen for their aroma and bitterness and the best yeast for each style of beer all mean that you can now enjoy a variety of tastes in beers that will tempt you to try them all. During the year we will introduce some very special limited edition beers that will be on tap for a short time only. Be sure to ask your server for these seasonal beers when available.

You can also learn more about our outstanding wineries by visiting the Shuswap Wineries website.


There’s no better place to put one foot in front of the other and step into a wonderful world of trail walking and hiking.

The Shuswap is home to an extensive network of trails and paths. The region boasts small lakeside excursions to high alpine traverses. There’s walks for familys and BC big adventures for dedicated backcountry enthusiasts. For more information on trails and hiking in the Shuswap, visit the Shuswap Trails page; a repository of exceptional information.


If you do one thing when you visit the Shuswap, then we’d better ask that you put your feet up and enjoy yourself. If you can do two things during your time in the Shuswap, then click here for some great suggestions for signature Shuswap experiences!