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Locals have been riding the ridges, benches and rock around Penticton since the 70’s and have ride tested an endless supply of trails that crank the technical adrenaline or seduce you in the flow with multiple local trail areas like Three Blind Mice, Campbell Mountain, Skaha Bluffs and Test of Humanity. The past few years has seen a local boom in trail and bridge upgrades, signage and extensive mapping, plus growing clubs and guiding services so you can go it on your own, or join a local for a personalized tour. There are lots of both advanced and intermediate terrain for both all mountain and downhill – and there are sweet greens in all the areas if you, or someone in your group, is into that.

Add beaches, ocean size lakes, water sports, craft breweries, rock climbing, world class wineries, festivals and events, plus local food markets and chefs known North America wide for quality, fresh foods, Pentiction makes for a great destination on and off the bike.

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Riding Penticton

Riding Penticton

Penticton’s mountain bike scene has always been healthy and vibrant, but like its residents, it has preferred to be more riding and building, with less talking and show. Despite this, word has spread about it’s 4 distinct and extensive trail networks. Each of these being unique to each other with different terrain styles, and ability levels. Conveniently all trail networks in Penticton are mere minutes riding time from the city centre. The headliner is the legendary Three Blind Mice trail network which has hosted the BC Enduro Series 3 out of the past 4 years. One year being a double-day with so many trails to sample.

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14-Day Itinerary: Southern British Columbia Loop

14-Day Itinerary: Southern British Columbia Loop

This itinerary stops in many popular riding destinations in BC’s southern interior. Never-ending mountains with great trails mixed with cool lakes and friendly towns provide a landscape that is about as close as it gets to true mountain bike nirvana.

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