It is important to respect other trail users and support the organizations that maintain the trails where ever you ride.

Tips on how to ride safely and responsibly.

Support the Trails

Photo by Ryan Flett

The Trailbuilder Series

Mountain Biking BC is proud to present a series of short films by Ryan Flett featuring the work done by trail builders in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. Please support the trails by joining your local mountain bike club or donating to the organizations that build and maintain the trails where you ride.

How to Support the Trails

  • Donate to Trail Organizations

    Donate to Trail Organizations

    The trails we ride and recreate on in BC are developed and maintained by community members, dedicated volunteers, and passionate bikers. It takes thousands of hours and incredible effort to keep trails open and safe for all bikers. When visiting or riding in a BC community, consider donating to the local trail club—through Trail Karma or directly to the club—and support those who work tirelessly to maintain the trails.

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  • Volunteer in Your Community

    Volunteer in Your Community

    Local trail organizations are always looking for new volunteers. It takes many hours of work and dedicated time to maintain trail networks—from trail building, administrative work, grant and funding applications, advocacy, marketing, events, and more. Join a local club and give back to your own community.

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