Mountain Biking in Sooke, BC, Canada
photo credit: Dave Silver

A Green Oasis

Regardless of season, Sooke is seemingly far, far away from the concrete streets of glass and steel.

Nestled in the bosom of the craggy and lush west coast of Vancouver Island, Sooke is warmed by a basin where fresh water from the Sooke Hills meets the open ocean. Snow rarely falls, and when it does, it never sticks around long as the temperature during the winter months hovers around 4 degrees celcius. The breeze is fresh and cool off the ocean during the summer months, but there are pockets off blazing hot sun that just happen to occupy the same places as lake beaches and pools along the Sooke River, where low impact human activity occurs in harmony with nature. Spring is a time of saturation for our rain forests, and as the raindrops fall, the builders of trails put the finishing touches to their work in anticipation of a glorious riding season. But the fall, well the fall is best of all! The big leaf maple, the cherry and the alder blaze in a final fire of life before losing their leaves and going dormant for the winter. The trails unfurl their brown banner to mountain bikers of all stripes, as they provide the traction and speed we all crave.

As one of B.C’s largest growing municipalities, of its own modest size, Sooke is poised to become the outdoor recreation capital of Vancouver Island - with mountain biking as the prominent jewel in its heavily encrusted crown.

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