It is important to respect other trail users and support the organizations that maintain the trails where ever you ride.

Tips on how to ride safely and responsibly.

What You Need To Know

Plan Your Visit

Biking in Northern BC
Photo by Dave Silver

British Columbia is Canada’s most mountainous province and is home to some of the world’s most diverse mountain biking terrain. Here you can find planning resources and learn about safe and responsible biking in BC for your next trip.

Responsible and Respectful Biking in BC

  • Respect Wildlife and Nature

    Respect Wildlife and Nature

    In British Columbia, interactions with wildlife are common. Respecting wildlife and knowing what to do during an encounter keeps yourself, communities, and wildlife safe. See WildSafeBC for best practices and information on wildlife encounters and familiarize yourself with tips on how to avoid the spread of invasive species in BC. During wildfire season be sure to make yourself aware of any campfire bans and restrictions. See BC Wildfire Service for the latest updates on BC's wildfire situation.

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  • Help Maintain the Trails

    Help Maintain the Trails

    The trails we ride and recreate on in BC are developed and maintained by community members, dedicated volunteers, and passionate bikers. It takes thousands of hours and incredible effort to keep trails open and safe for all bikers. When visiting or riding in a BC community, consider donating to the local trail club—through Trail Karma or directly to the club—and support those who work tirelessly to maintain the trails.

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  • Acknowledge Traditional Territories

    Acknowledge Traditional Territories

    British Columbia is home to 203 First Nation communities spread over 36 traditional territories. Today, ninety-five percent of British Columbia is unceded traditional First Nations territory. These territories are the traditional lands that First Nations and their ancestors have occupied or used since time immemorial. While travelling throughout British Columbia—and while biking on the lands—it is important to respect and acknowledge these traditional territories. View the Indigenous Territories map layer on Trailforks.

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  • Be Prepared and Ride Safe

    Be Prepared and Ride Safe

    Mountain biking has inherent risks that can cause personal injury. It is always recommended that safety be the rider’s primary concern. The remote nature of mountain biking in BC dictates the need to take precautions to ensure a safe experience for all. Always tell others where you are going, wear proper safety gear, carry tools and a first aid kit, and avoid riding alone.

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Planning Your Trip

Getting to, or travelling around British Columbia is easy. International and community airports, highways and roadways, BC Ferries, and VIA Rail can get you to biking destinations scattered around the province. With many biking destinations located close to the US/Canada border, a road trip from many US States is only hours away.