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Crystal clear blue skies and our gorgeous snow-capped peaks form the backdrop for your epic and unforgettable summer vacation in Valemount. Reel in a rainbow trout, wind through our trails from the saddle of ATV, or let a horse show you the way — however you decide to travel through the Robson Valley, you’re certain to create a memory around every turn.


On the menu of summer adventures, there are more options than there is time. Spend your first days in our valley riding the rapids on the mighty Fraser River and the next winding through our mountain trails on horseback. Pack your binoculars and see if you can spot the golden eagles soaring through our cerulean sky, or grab a pair of hiking poles and traverse the back-country wilderness of  Mount Robson Provincial Park. Take part in Valemountain Days, the Canoe Rodeo or the Mount Robson Music Festival or any of our other special events. Come for the hiking, the fishing, the ATVing or the mountain biking, but make sure while you’re here you try something new — make this vacation an exceptional one, and your family will always remember it.

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Valemount Bike Park on


1. CBT’s Munday Grind (Blue)
A beautifully machine made climbing trail with 6km of meandering ascent. Moderate grades with a few short and steep sections to get you grinding to the top. There is an exit to the Bacon trailhead off the main line about half way through the climb or stay in for the full push to the Tinfoil Hat staging area.

2. Inversion (Green)
A hand-made cross country trail that is suitable for novice–intermediate riders. For novice riders this may feel like a beginner downhill ride; for intermediate riders this may feel more like a cross country ride. This trail intersects the Provincial Trail at two separate occasions and gives riders a variety of choices. This is a great ride for anyone pedaling from the town site.

3. Mid DH Access or Exit (Green)
A relatively easy pedal from town, this trail can be used to access the middle of the downhill trails including Tinfoil Hat, Andreas’ downhill and Stump Town. This can also be used as an early exit from the downhill trails to access Inversion.

4. Andreas’ Downhill (Black)
A very old school, hand-made fall line based downhill trail for advanced/expert riders. Steep and very rooty, this trail is not for beginners. This trail parallels the new Tinfoil Hat downhill with multiple intersections so you can play a bit of “choose your own adventure” and mix things up a bit if you like.

5. Tinfoil Hat (Blue)
An intermediate level, new school downhill mountain bike trail. All jumps are table tops, and easy to be ridden over. Any drops or harder lines have ride-arounds to avoid the obstacle completely. There is a mid-point entrance, easily accessed by pedaling from the town site; however, this trail is best enjoyed by shuttle.

6. Swift Creek (Blue)
This is a 10-km-long round trip ride on a hand built old school cross country trail. The finish will utilize a bit of town road to return to the 5 Mile Road and ultimately back up to the staging area. This is more designed for hiking although bikes are allowed.

7. Southern Traverse (Green)
A new school rolling cross country trail. Accessed via the main Swift Creek entrance at 1 km up 5-Mile Road. This section of trail measures 2.5 km. To get in and out will require the use of the other trails.

8. Bucket Head Connector (Green)
This is a short connector trail. It allows downhill riders to utilize some of the flow of the Southern Traverse while making their way back to the staging area.

9. Climb out or Ride In (Green)
This trail is used to enter or exit the Southern Traverse or the Tech Zone. This trail will eventually be built to access much higher elevations without having to use 5-Mile Road.

10. Tech Zone (Blue)
This chain of 2.5 loops, situated in a small area, provides some technically challenging trails. Frequent and often dramatic changes in elevation combined with rock create a superb environment to get the legs burning. Access via the Swift Creek and Lower Climbing trail, the alignment twists and turns through the topography with numerous optional technical trail features and a combination of fast open turns and bench cut trail.

11. Ale Trail (Green)
Accessed off of the climb out of the Tech Zone or south end of the Southern Traverse this fast and flowy section of trails acts as another option to exit the trail system to either return to the lower staging area or to coast down to Valemount’s town centre.

12. High Roller (Black)
Our newest addition and likely one of the nicest jump lines in BC outside of a commercial facility. Beginning at an elevation of over 1,500 m, this feature rich line is close to 1 km long, boasting some very unique options and over 20 jumps to get the arms pumping. This line terminates at the Turducken downhill trail so it can be ridden as an individual trail or part of a longer downhill run.

13. Bacon by NDIT (Blue)
Designed to be the ultimate integration of all the various bicycling handling skills, the idea behind our flow trail is to provide a low risk, gravity assisted trail which users of variable skill level can use to develop their skills. 2 km of berms, rollers and manageable jumps will flow you to the lower staging area and guarantee to put a smile on your face.

14. Connect the Dots (Green)
A simple and easy pedal friendly 1-km trail that gets users from the DH trails over to the Flow Trail entrance. Just another option for a great ride. Exit only. No uphill travel.

15. Devil’s Gulch (Black)
A short rake ‘n’ ride that is steep and loamy. The access is off Connect the Dots. This short but sweet section is another option to spit you out onto the new Stump Town trail.

16. Stump Town (Blue)
Another flowy, quasi-downhill option filled with staggered hits and huge berms. This trail ends on the 5-Mile access road and the entrance to Moby Dick is just across the road. A great option for a top to bottom run.

17. Turducken (Black)
Begin at the end of High Roller, this downhill alignment is a feature rich 2.5-km adrenaline rush. More advanced than the Tin Foil Hat, this trail offers a more challenging descent to those looking to get a bit more technical. Tree lines, natural rock features and a flow like you have never seen are all highlights of this trail.

18. Northern Traverse (Blue)
This is the continuation of the Southern Traverse, a new school rolling cross country trail. Turn right after the bridge to get on to this flowy delight. Can also be traveled north to south via access off of Main Street, just north of the Swift Creek bridge.

19. Provincial Down (Green)
A hand-made beginner downhill trail, suitable for all levels of riders. This trail is accessed via an older skid road about 0.75 km up the 5-Mile Road; it can also be accessed from the upper section of the Inversion Trail. For novice riders this may feel like a beginner downhill ride; for intermediate riders this may feel more like a cross country/enduro ride.

20. Moby Dick (Blue)
Another amazing and flowy quasi-downhill option. This is a bermy new school trail with ladder drops, wall rides and the namesake “Whale Tail” feature.

21. Coaster (Black)
A fast and tight hand built downhill trail featuring beautiful cedar “roller coaster” type bridges and tight dropping turns. This trail terminates at the Bacon staging area.

22. Stinger (Blue)
A machine built trail designed to have a hand built feel.  An intermediate level trail that is different from the rest of the flowy trails in our inventory. Steeper, more natural trail surfaces with rock work and some technical features. 

23. Trapline (Green)
A beginner downhill trail suitable for all levels of riders. This is a great option for those who enjoy the Munday Grind climbing trail, but want an easier option down the mountain, or for newer riders looking to develop the skills needed for some of the more advanced trails.

24. Stump Connector (Blue)
A hand built trail that allows access to stump town from the Bacon staging area.

25. Lowballer (Blue)
Located part way down the Highroller trail just before the long series of jumps start. Lowballer offers an option for those still looking for a top to bottom lap but who prefer to avoid the large jump line.

26. Inner Peace (Blue)

A true mountain bike trail totaling 1.6 km of all mountain goodness.  Inner Peace consists of short punchy ups and techy downs.  This trail uses the same access point as the lower section of the Trapline trail and makes use of the space between the current Trapline and Coaster trails. Finishing at the Bacon staging area.

27. The Craig (Blue)

Providing a blue option from the top of our trails system, The Craig is a 1.7 km long hybrid trail showcasing machine and hand building techniques to create a truly amazing experience.  The trail is named after our fallen friend Everett Craig.  Everett was a true supporter of the trail system and encouraged others to do the same whenever possible.  You will find a special feature on this trail that is just as unique as he was.  A significant amount of rock was brought into the site to create something truly unique to our trail system. The trail terminates at the Turducken staging area.

28. Retroversion (Green)

Just under 1km, this climbing trail takes off the current Subversion trail just before the main gulley.  It was created to allow riders to access the Northern Traverse and lookout without having to use the Swift Mtn FSR.  The trail terminates at the “picnic table” or current lookout on the Northern Traverse and is a great option to get into the trail system.

29. Tin Connector (Green)

A 1.2 km two-way connector that provides riders with additional options to mix and match trails and riding opportunities within the trail system.

Local Services

You’ll find Valemount at the northern reach of the Rocky Mountain Trench in BC’s Thompson-Okanagan Region, just 120 km (75 mi) from the entrance of Jasper National Park, and 322 km (200 mi) north of Kamloops. Travel to Valemount, BC is via car or RV, BC Bus North, and passenger train. If you’d rather fly in, the local airstrip in Valemount can accommodate small jets and heli transfers. The closest commercial airport is in Prince George, only 295 km (183 mi) away, or Kamloops 322 km (200 mi) south. Driving Distances

  KM Miles  
Vancouver 674 419    Get Directions
Edmonton 488 303    Get Directions
Jasper, AB 120 75    Get Directions
Calgary (via Revelstoke) 939 583    Get Directions
Calgary (via Jasper) 533 331    Get Directions
Clearwater, BC 196 122    Get Directions
Kamloops 322 200    Get Directions
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There are plenty of Summer and Winter activities do in Valemount, click here for more information.


Crystal clear blue skies and our gorgeous snow-capped peaks form the backdrop for your epic and unforgettable vacation. In summer, reel in a rainbow trout, wind through our trails from the saddle of your ATV, or let a horse show you the way — however you decide to travel through our valley, you’re certain to create a memory around every turn.

Whether your ideal winter vacation involves launching yourself down a mountain in search of the freshest, deepest powder, or cutting figure eights into a frozen pond, we have it all right here in Valemount. And we have snow — oceans of it. The snow starts falling in November and keeps falling until mid-April and beyond. With an average base of 14 Metres (46 feet) at 1,800 metres, we have—without question—some of the best terrain for winter sports in the country. So get out, let the mountains move you.


Paddle through winding channels in a wildlife sanctuary, or sun yourself on warm rocks before jumping into calm pools in a cool river — welcome to your happy place! Some of us are land-dwellers and with the mountains and trails surrounding Valemount, BC, that’s just fine. Whether you’re more at home in a canoe or a kayak, like to stand up on your paddle board, or your favourite ride runs on fuel, there is no shortage of lakes, creeks and rivers to explore. And make sure to pack a swimsuit, because our long summer days heat up and you might be compelled to take a dip.

For more information go to water.


We invite you to step into our history and envision yourself in a time when being a pioneer meant risking everything; when winters were sharp, bitter and seemed everlasting, and when Mother Nature could be both generous and cruel.

Before the trappers were drawn here and the loggers and prospectors came to make a living off the land, the Texqakallt First Nation stepped through the valley and established themselves near the headwaters of the mighty Fraser River.

When the first explorers arrived they were aided by the indigenous people and our most famous guide was Pierre Bostonnais. Bostonnais, Metis, led first explorers through what is now known as Yellowhead Pass. He had unusually light coloured hair and was nicked named Tete Jaune, French for yellow head. He is remembered throughout our landscape as the namesake for the Yellowhead Highway as well as Tete Jaune Cache.

The arrival of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway to Prince George and the Canadian Northern Railway to Vancouver brought more explorers and adventurers to our valley. Many were so awed by the majesty of Mount Robson that they got off the train and planted their feet. These were our pioneers.

For more information go to Heritage.


The Robson Valley’s first and only Micro brewery serving hand-crafted beers brewed in small batches. A great spot to enjoy a beer after riding a trail in the Valemount Bike Park.

For more information go to Beer.


Grab a lunch box to go before heading into the hills for an epic day of sledding. Spend an evening getting cozy by the fireside at the quiet Cranberry Lounge. Relax after a day spent snowshoeing in the rustic comfort of a log restaurant. Be our guest, and let Valemount serve you. Whether your ideal meal is cooked under the stars and roasted over an open fire, or served to you at a quaint, family-owned restaurant, Valemount has something to suit every mood and every taste bud.

We’re a casual group here, so no need to dress up. You’ll find gourmet — sometimes in the most unexpected places — in the Robson Valley, where our chefs have come from all over the world, drawn here by our spectacular scenery and quiet hospitality.

For more information go to Eat.  


The mountains may lure you in, but it’s the people and the all the ways we celebrate that will keep you coming back to Valemount. The entire Robson Valley comes alive during the annual Valemountain Days in June, with a parade, a pageant, bouncy castles and a barbeque competition. Make sure to pack your cowboy hat when you visit us for the Canoe Mountain Rodeo in July. Cowboys and cowgirls from throughout the region compete in barrels, bull riding, bareback and more. In August, the Mud Races return at the Rodeo Grounds. Decibel levels are intense as the trucks tear into the track, shattering the peace of the valley for one intense and unforgettable weekend. And for those looking to experience music in the mountains, use Valemount as your base for the 12th annual multi-genre Robson Valley Music Festival. Here are some more ways you can mix and mingle with the locals

For more information go to Events.


You can feel it in the air as you walk through our quiet village streets and you can see it in the windows of the shops that line the downtown core. While known for the snow that blankets our mountains in winter and the enviable hiking trails that have drawn generations of explorers, Valemount is also known as a hub of creativity, chock full of artisans drawn to the Robson Valley by its breathtaking views and ample inspiration.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet moment in a local café, listening to tunes supplied by a local musician, or you’re on a mission — intent on finding something unique to bring home to signify your vacation to the valley, you’ll find it here. So enjoy discovering the exceptional creativity at work in Valemount speak to the artists and come away with some inspiration of your own.

For more information go to Artisans.


For trip ideas, follow Tourism Valemount on Instagram and Facebook.


Valemount Visitor Centre – The Valemount Visitor/Interpretive Centre is the perfect first stop for anyone visiting Valemount.  Friendly staff provide great local and provincial information, maps, room reservations, and bookings for local activities. The centre also has free WIFI and a wide selection of Super, Natural BC and Valemount souvenirs including arts and crafts from local artisans that are available for purchase.

For Hours of Operation (open May to October) click here. To contact them directly 260.566.9893 or email

Valemount Area Recreation Development Association – Valemount wants to share our enthusiasm for trails and we are inviting you to come experience the Valemount Bike Park.  We have been working on building an amazing trail network under the guide of a mountain bike trails master plan.  And we are very excited to say that phase one of Valemount’s new Mountain Bike trail facility is open to the public.

For more information call 250.566.4817 or email  or click here.

Valemount Home Hardware – They stock tubes pumps and all your outdoor needs. Call 250.566.4256 or click here.

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