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Photo by Mike Gamble

Ale Trails: The Intersection of Mountain Biking and Local Craft Beer - ep. 1 Northern BC

Posted on Nov 22, 2021 by Mike Gamble and Ben Haggar - Cold Salt Collective

'Ale Trails' is a doc-style mini-series looking at the intersection between mountain biking and local craft breweries, and how both work to support and enhance their community. Join us, as we explore the wilds of Northern BC, showcasing the uniqueness of Prince George, Terrace and Smithers, and meeting the proud, passionate locals that call these tight-knit communities home.

Prince George. The largest city in Northern BC has a blossoming craft beer and mountain bike scene. Between its 2 breweries, Trench Brewing & Crossroads Brewery and Distillery, and the constantly expanding Pidherny trail network, there’s enough variety to keep any seasoned rider and craft beer aficionado occupied.

Smithers, nestled in the Bulkley Valley, is driven by a passionate population. Its trail system, grown from hardcore locals in the 90’s has evolved into a modern network of sustainable all-mountain trails and its breweries, Smithers Brewing and Bulkley Valley Brewing will greet you with the warm atmosphere of the North, and flavours to keep your thirst well and truly quenched.

Terrace has a history of being a very technical location, but over recent years, has utilized grants to expand and create new, mixed ability trails that allow every ability of rider to have fun.
Home to Sherwood Mountain Brewing, the Terrace craft beer scene brings a variety of beer styles and flavours into what has typically been a very Lager based town.