Mountain Biking BC
photo credit: Margus Riga


Breath taking scenery, beautiful challenging trails subtly carved into the landscape, pristine wilderness on the periphery of welcoming towns and world class resorts, authentic local riding culture ready to share their local knowledge…this is mountain biking in BC!

We want to inspire and help you find a part of BC that truly turns your crank.  Through our collection of stories, photos and videos you are sure to find something that you will want to experience for yourself.

Backcountry Adventure in the South Chilcotins – Mountain Biking BC Sea-to-Sky Trip Set

oo busy working, fixing your bike, and looking after the kids all week to plan your riding getaway this weekend? This article series does all that work for you. We give you 4 different trip itineraries, each one showcasing a unique riding experience in the Sea to Sky. Every itinerary is designed for a different type of rider and a distinct experience, they are curated around a 3.5 day get-away and are designed to be “grab and go”. We aren’t taking bribes or getting paid by businesses to tell you where to go, we just live here, like these spots, and think you will too.

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Riding Through Ash & Renewal

The last two years have been tough on the psyche watching the clouds of smoke and ash build up across the province and in the air around us. With 2017 and now 2018 being the two worst years on record for wild fires, it is understandable to worry as to how our communities, and the trails we love to ride, can withstand the onslaught. In August, amongst the fires and towering clouds of smoke that ranged across the interior regions of BC and as far east as Manitoba, myself and my colleague and friend Thomas Schoen joined up with journalists and professional riders Julia Hoffman and Daniel Schaefer, and professional photographer Paul Masukowitz from German Bike Magazine. They had come to BC to travel and ride with Thomas and myself and to learn about our work through the Aboriginal Youth Mountain Bike Program and First Journey Trails.

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Seven Reasons to Ride at The Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park

There’s a new park in town that’s bound to have riders smiling. The Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park is located near Ruby Creek, half way between Agassiz and Hope, and give riders the opportunity to shred trails that may otherwise be unachievable. Whether you’re an established rider or are just beginning here are 7 compelling reasons why you should check this park out.

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How To Ride Revelstoke’s Joss Peak

It was a long winter, and it’s still showing. This year, the BC Interior’s mountain tops are wearing frosted tips into July. But just like your cousin who kept his hair bleached and listened to The Offspring through the late 2000s, all things eventually come to an end...

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Bikes and Beer in BC’s Interior

Dropping into Kamloops, sleet pelted the windshield as if the coastal rains were unwilling to let us go. We were on our way to meet Lisa Tedesco and her partner Marco van der Wilk, the winners of this year’s Bikes and Beer tour. It would be difficult to find a more deserving candidate: for the past 15 years, Lisa has been a dedicated member of the mountain bike community.

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Changing Beats in Powell River

‘Some of the best loamy rides in the west, hundreds of kilometers of singletrack and no crowds. Powell River charges onto the mountain bike scene with challenging, technical and fast trails through Coast Mountains rainforest. Maintained by a thriving scene of committed local riders and trail builders, Powell River mountain biking trails are blowing visitors away with the amazing quality and volume of singletrack.’ ~ Trailforks

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Riding Penticton

Penticton’s mountain bike scene has always been healthy and vibrant, but like its residents, it has preferred to be more riding and building, with less talking and show. Despite this, word has spread about it’s 4 distinct and extensive trail networks. Each of these being unique to each other with different terrain styles, and ability levels. Conveniently all trail networks in Penticton are mere minutes riding time from the city centre. The headliner is the legendary Three Blind Mice trail network which has hosted the BC Enduro Series 3 out of the past 4 years. One year being a double-day with so many trails to sample.

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The Ultimate Day Trip to Kimberley, BC

The Ultimate Day Trip to Kimberley, BC Words and photos by Sam Egan Tucked into the eastern slope of the Purcell Mountains and less than half an hour from Cranbrook’s International Airport lays the sleepy Kootenay town of Kimberley, British Columbia. Formerly home to...

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Beyond the Bike Park in Invermere, British Columbia

Beyond the Bike Park in Invermere, British Columbia Words and photos by Sam Egan Within the context of the exceptionally flexible seasonality of mountain biking, the chairlift-accessed bike park season is a short one at best. So, if all you know about mountain biking...

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5 Tips for Your First Visit to Cranbrook, British Columbia

As far as British Columbia’s southeastern corner of the map is concerned, the region formally known as the Kootenays, Cranbrook is a comparatively bustling metropolis. Located less than an hour’s drive from the US border, the city is home to the Canadian Rockies International Airport and topographically, it rests in a sort of high country plateau between the Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges that will feel familiar to visitors hailing from interior locales like Kamloops or Merritt. If you’re travelling in the Kootenays there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be passing through Cranbrook, and there are a handful of tips that will help you better explore the “mountains of opportunity” the community boasts as their city tagline.

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Riding, Nelson, Rossland and Kaslo

Based in Penticton BC, Ryan Taylor is constantly searching for the meaning of life through trail enlightenment and is an expert at learning things the hard way. He regularly contributes to various cycling publications in an effort to balance writing and photography with his depressing real world job.

This year, dirtbag living was in the back of my mind as the 9:00-5:00 rat race took its toll. With life getting real, I was motivated to take a break from domestication by living in my car with just my bike and whatever I had in my bag. And I chose to pair this break with riding TransRockies Event’s Singletrack 6 (ST6) stage race. Though I’ve done ST6 before, 2017 was the first year it was hosted in the Kootenay Rockies; and I was stoked! Here’s what I found while in Rossland, Nelson and Kaslo

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Fall Riding in Fernie,BC

Fall Riding in Fernie,BC  Words and photos by Nick & Steph Nault As the last of the summer heat dissipates and the temperatures start to drop, mountain biking in Fernie, BC enters its’ prime. The fall colours alone are worth a visit to the bike trails, where...

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Brew Loops Pub Crawl 2017

Dark skies and the threat of downpour could not dim the spirits and mob mentality of hundreds of cyclists as we gathered at Pioneer Park for the annual Brew Loops Beer Festival, Bicycle Pub Crawl. For onlookers and folks out of the know, it must have been quite the...

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Nelson BC: Roots, Rocks, and Beer!

Nelson BC: Roots, Rocks, and Beer! Words: Tucker Braund Photos: Anders Samnoy, Ollie Jones, Thomas Nowaczynski Nelson and Kaslo BC have a historic flare both for their riding and brewing of beer. Over the last 20 years it would be hard to say that you haven’t seen the...

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Sun Peaks Pedal Fest 2017

It happened almost like clockwork. The shadows grew long as the light softened, a cool breeze bloomed from between the trees, and we gathered at Sun Peaks Resort to celebrate the changing of the seasons during Peaks Pedal Fest this Labour Day Weekend.

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How To Do A Weekend Bike Trip in Golden

A weekend is fast approaching and all you know is that Golden, BC ( is a mountain biking mecca and you want to be there. What are the networks? Where do you bike? Where is the best food? Worry not, fellow mountain biker, I’ll show you the way.

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Your First Visit to BC’s Newest Lift-Accessed Bike Park in Big White

With new trail networks popping up all over British Columbia these days and many of the hosting communities dubbing these fresh installments as Mountain Bike Parks, it’s not surprising that Big White’s entry to the market may have missed your radar. Shuttling is much less daunting a task to organize than the makings for a chairlift, and ambitious projects like Valemount’s new park are certainly deserving of the moniker. Biggie’s Bike Park is different, however, boasting lift-access to a professionally designed trail network, with a surprising amount of alpine appeal for an interior resort.

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Riding Squamish with Guestagrammer Cecile Gambin

What I love about riding in Squamish is the diversity of trails and how green and vibrant the forest is. As a rider, I find it fantastic, with the rocks, roots, moss, slabs, trees, jank, off-cambers, and steep hills working to test me physically and technically. For the photographer in me – well, it’s eye candy.

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Exploring Nelson with Guestagrammer Mark Mackay

Born and raised in the remote north Scotland, Mark’s untameable sense of adventure and determination to fulfil a teenage dream led him to the rugged and majestic coastal mountains of Canada’s west coast. Mark’s photographic journey is only just beginning ; yet , he has graced the pages of most major mountain bike magazines worldwide. Based in British Colombia’s breathtaking sea to sky corridor, a Disneyland for the outdoor enthusiast, Mark feels passionate about the world around him and focuses on photographing moments that inspire others to live their dreams

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Shred Hard Summer Camp 2017

I dive deep into the dog days of summer. Wild flowers paint the forest, the laps keep coming, and the light seems to last forever. The season is energizing. I do all that I can to share the buzz of the summer with everyone around me. And the absolute pinnacle of sharing begins each morning at Shred Hard Summer Camp.

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