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The Moment Public Release

Posted on Apr 02, 2018 by Mountain Biking BC

It’s hard to imagine what mountain biking would be without the influence of freeriding on the sport. Our favourite web edits, our local mountain bike parks, our baggy shorts and pretty much everything else we consider as part of “normal” mountain bike culture has been influenced by freeriding in one way or another. Yet, it’s not often we think about how it all came to be.

Until now.

Skateboarding has “Dogtown & Z-Boys”. Surfing has “Riding Giants”. Freestyle Motocross has “Unchained”. And now, 20 years in the making, freeride mountain biking has its own film about its origin story and how it influenced mountain biking.

After a world tour that included over 50 sold out shows in 7 countries, “The Moment” is now being released to a global audience on iTunes and Vimeo on Demand.  Enjoy!