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A Vantastic Voyage Through the Thompson Okanagan

Posted on Aug 12, 2016 by William Cadham

Tearing yourself away from the riding mecca of the Sea-to-Sky is always hard, especially during prime spring conditions. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out for those less acronym savvy) is real. Yet when Mountain Biking BC, a rad tourism organization working hard to promote everything mountain bikes in the province, offers you the chance to explore new riding areas with your friends you don’t just jump, you say “How high?”.

Four guys; Harry, Mark, Taylor and Will make up the Free Radicals. We drag along Max Berkowitz, the 19-year Old video wonder kid and Simon McLaine, photographer and froth-lord, for a 7-day trip through the Thompson-Okanagan to seek out a sample of the region’s best trails, food and drinks.