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photo credit: Dave Silver

What to do


Had your fix of riding for the day? Cool off in nearby Comox Lake, enjoy a spirited round of disc golf – a pursuit Cumberlanders take very seriously – or explore Cumberland’s fascinating history at its local museum and heritage sites.

At the end of the day, join the locals at one of Cumberland’s notoriously friendly and seriously casual establishments and swap tales from the trails over a locally crafted pint or expertly roasted cuppa.  Here are a few other things to do while in Cumberland:


Perhaps the only thing Cumberlanders take as seriously as their mountain biking (and their disc golf) is their local arts scene. Check out for a list of upcoming shows. And if you’re planning a trip in August, don’t miss Atmosphere Gathering, Cumberland’s annual arts and electronic music festival.


While you don’t typically associate blue-collar villages like Cumberland with epicurean trend-setters, Cumberland isn’t your typical blue-collar village. Here, Stanfield-clad loggers and left-leaning nature lovers mix amiably with young families and urban refugees in hip pubs and eateries that have made Cumberland a bona fide Comox Valley hotspot.


From sea to sky, from stage to gallery, the Comox Valley has an activity designed with you in mind.  Check out the full range of things to see and do here.


Until the 1960s, Cumberland’s raison d’etre were the rich seams of coal that ran through its rugged hills. Beginning in the late 1800’s, when its coal was first discovered, Cumberland was built on the soot of the coal mines and the sweat of the workers who risked their lives to fuel Canada’s growing economy. Though the last mine closed in 1963, Cumberland’s rich history is celebrated with annual events like Miners Memorial Day and May Days and preserved at the Cumberland Museum and Archives and several local heritage sites.