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Words and photos by Dylan Sherrard

It happened almost like clockwork. The shadows grew long as the light softened, a cool breeze bloomed from between the trees, and we gathered at Sun Peaks Resort to celebrate the changing of the seasons during Peaks Pedal Fest this Labour Day Weekend.

It’s a simple concept to push forward - use our Labour Day long weekend to celebrate all that we’ve enjoyed through the wild and wonderful months of summer, while tipping back a tall glass and turning a gaze toward whatever treasures the calm and quiet months of autumn may bring.

My Pedal Fest began with the arrival of guests from far away. Egle’ and Phillip flew in from the Yukon after winning the Ticket To Shred Hard event, which offered them an upscale place to stay, fresh Specialized bikes for the weekend slay, and passes for wherever they wished to play. It was an absolute pleasure to share with them, the little slice of paradise that I am fortunate to call home. The only possible way that Ticket to Shred Hard could have been any more rewarding is if my guests could have stayed for the entire weekend.

While I spent my Saturday with my guests, the mountain town was bumping to the tune of the Seek & Enjoy Poker Ride. With check points cleverly station throughout the bike park and the cross country network, riders were tasked with the challenge of travelling to all corners of the resort to collect tokens, which would enter them in a draw for any number of gifts including Bike Park passes, in addition to Ski-and-Stay packages.

The Poker ride party kept rocking as the reels started rolling and we all saw Life Cycles on the big screen beneath the stars. And at some point between the cinematic mountain bike magic and the mountain air, we drifted away to bed with sweet, sweet dreams of shred.   

Sunday saw the sun shining bright above the slippery turns of the Grass Dual Slalom World Championships Course. With an unofficial costume theme built around being a Joey, riders went slipping and sliding in hilarious fashion. In the world of Grass Dual Slalom, it really is anyone’s game. And the nerves can be seen clearly across the racers faces as they lean towards each gate, whispering prayers for tires not to break traction.

By the time the grass turns were beginning to look burned, our race came to a close in fairytale fashion as the newlywed Ross made his honeymoon just a little bit sweeter with a World Championship title, a stack of cash, and a whole lot of bragging rights to his name.

And although the turns were done turning, the whole crowd continued swerving and kept the party rolling long into the night.

And because nothing could possibly be a more charming closing chapter on such an incredible weekend, than a free beer with your lift ticket, Monday marked another annual addition of Lift and a Lager. So the last laps were blasted and the final patio sessions of summer were enjoyed by all, as the sun drifted slowly into the trees and left us singing in the shadows of a perfect season.