Mountain Biking BC
photo credit: Margus Riga


Breath taking scenery, beautiful challenging trails subtly carved into the landscape, pristine wilderness on the periphery of welcoming towns and world class resorts, authentic local riding culture ready to share their local knowledge…this is mountain biking in BC!

We want to inspire and help you find a part of BC that truly turns your crank.  Through our collection of stories, photos and videos you are sure to find something that you will want to experience for yourself.

Moms Riding the Fernie Lucky 7’s

Jikke Gyorki, a Fernie career mother of two, talks about her participation in the Fernie Lucky 7’s. What category are you riding in the Fernie Lucky 7’s and why? I’m riding in the Women’s 40+ Solo category because I like the challenge and to be able to do it on my own...

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Clean Water

While the water may look tasty it is what we don’t see that can pose serious health risks. In fact, what we assume is safe to drink can be teeming with nasty bacteria and viruses that can make us very sick. Water borne pathogens need to be destroyed or rendered inert before it can be drank. The best way to do this and minimize the risks of infection is by treating the water with a filtration or a purification system. And, to ‘treat’ all water as contaminated.

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Riding Prince George with Graeme Paterson

Growing up in a small town in the Kootenays (Nakusp BC), Graeme was always on a bike. It was a major part of his childhood and remains a key component in his life as an adult. He has lived in BC all his life and therefore feels he have been blessed to ride all of the best zones in the province. With that said, Prince George (Graeme’s hometown) is quickly becoming one of the leading mountain bike scenes in the province. The riding community in Prince George is top notch and the local trail building team has quickly become one of the best in the province and this week Graeme shares it with us with his photography.

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The River Beaver 2017

Words and photos by Dylan Sherrad It was a long and laid back beginning to the spring season in Kamloops. The typical ‘hit the ground running’ sensation the locals are familiar with was exchanged with a considerably mellower preload into things. That slower pace made...

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Five Things You Need to Know About Valemount’s New Bike Park

Rolling into Valemount, British Columbia, there’s simply no denying the natural beauty of this quant locale, reputed as gateway to the towering, imposing, legendary Mount Robson. The village spreads from the base of Fox Mountain, itself the meeting point of three major ranges, and just across Fox River lays the Valemount Mountain Bike Park, a community affair managed by the Valemount & Area Recreation Development Association.

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Trail Etiquette

Words and Photos by Cécile Gambin I’m not a preacher; but, sometimes we need a reminder on how to behave to ensure the trails we love remain accessible. If we all stick to the same rules, much like an ant colony, than we have a system that works. And if that system...

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Five Things the East Kootenay Rockies Taught Me

This is not a pro-only, media-funded ride for the one-percent who want to ‘thrust into the backcountry to pioneer a route that’s only been dreamed about by the five people lucky enough to be funded to go on this expedition”. Nope, this is a trip throughout a region that has mountain vistas on lock, amazing trails coming out of its hoo-ha, and all the required amenities that BC towns are famous for

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Totally Northern Trail Snacks

Most Northerners live where they live because they love the land. For many, part of that love is being able to live off the land. We fish, we hunt, we gather and as a result, we have some pretty unique trail snacks. For some, these are an acquired taste; others crave these delicacies.

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Trip of a Lifetime

The week kicked off with Margus Riga and myself on the Skytrain, headed to the airport. We were throwing around small talk about the weather forecast and the upcoming locations. It struck us, that these winners of the Mountain Biking BC 7 Day Giveaway may be the gluten free, shower twice a day type, that can make any trip less than exhilarating…

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5 Tips for Extending Your Riding Season into the Early Winter

With the bikes and gear available to today’s savvy rider, there’s really no reason you couldn’t ride year-round if you were really keen. For those of us not quite ready to commit to this extreme, whether that’s due to a competing winter pastime like skiing or snowboarding or just an overall distaste for this bitterest of Canadian seasons, there are a handful of tips that can help you keep riding right through the dreaded, cardio-sucking shoulder season, and into the depths of winter.

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The Grandest Tour of Them All – Trans BC Enduro

Tales of loam infested trails, steep chutes, and rock slabs tantalized me from afar. Sure, we have great mountain biking where I come from; there are more miles of singletrack and bike parks in Colorado than you can shake a stick at. But there was still something missing in my repertoire of riding. Something that you can’t find in the lower 48— wild, raw, and bonafide singletrack that takes you from the highest peaks down to the clearest lakes. Linking up the best trails in four destinations would typically be a challenge for a newcomer to weave together a seamless itinerary in less than a week. But jumping on board the Trans BC Enduro stage race provided the framework for a grand tour of Interior BC.

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Vancouver, Coast and Mountains in 60 seconds

The Vancouver, Coast, and Mountains region offers diversity at many levels; the interface between urban and wilderness, accessibility of metropolitan lifestyle with trails right out your back door, difficulty ranging from gnarly to family friendly, a mix of old school and new, and the birthplace of the North Shore style of freeride. It’s a place where any self-respecting mountain biker will feel at home.

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Thompson Okanagan in 60 seconds

Bunch grass, sage brush and ponderosa pine are characteristic of the Thompson Okanagan landscape. Cool lakes and gentle rivers provide a respite from the summer heat as does the cornucopia of fresh produce and wine grown throughout this fertile region. The trails here are more fast and flowy than technical. Bring your bike, your beach gear and your appetite.

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Kootenay Rockies in 60 seconds

The spirit of mountain living thrives in the Kootenay Rockies. Four picturesque mountain ranges fold into the region that is renowned for its legendary adventures. Mountain biking has long been a staple activity among the locals during the summer and fall with late summer providing opportunities to experience the magnificent high alpine.

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A Taste of the Northwest

Northwest BC’s remote and stunning wilderness, combined with few people in the region, make it the wild west of the province. Northerners are rugged and self-sufficient. They are also the sweetest, most genuine humans you’ll ever meet. For a taste of Northwest BC’s charm – and mountain biking – spend a weekend riding a day each in Terrace and Smithers. Here’s 10 steps to the ultimate experience.

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Cariboo Chilcotin in 60 seconds

Welcome to the Cariboo Chilcotin for an exciting mix of the past and present. First Nations people have thrived in this bountiful land for thousands of years. Many others have since discovered it for its minerals, grasslands, and timber. Today it is a magnet for mountain biking adventure seekers and its unique open landscape will tempt riders to see what lies beyond the horizon.

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A Historic Ride on the Hudson Bay Brigade Trail

The quest for adventure in beautiful wilderness, exploring areas less travelled, and experiencing the love of mountain biking in a unique way are a few of the reasons to strap an extra 15 kilos of gear to bike and back and set off bikepacking in the Cascade Mountains of British Columbia

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Northern BC in 60 seconds

Northern BC is a vast pristine wilderness that covers an area larger than California. The land is rich in natural resources and brimming with wildlife. Whether for work or play, life here is closely connected to the land. Mountain biking is a natural fit with this region and explains why more people are discovering just how good it is up North!

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Vancouver Island in 60 seconds

Take a 60 second tour of some of Vancouver Island’s finest singletrack. There are great places to ride and discover for those with an adventurous spirit on this island paradise. Ancient cedars, rugged coastline, legendary totems, and a relaxed island vibe make this one of the best places to explore on two wheels.

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The Ultimate Sun Peaks Bike Park Weekend

Although Sun Peaks was an early player to the Bike Park and DH race game back in the late 1990’s, like so many smaller communities it can still be tough to make the most of a weekend of riding without some local knowledge. Consider this a blueprint to maximize riding time, for the ultimate Bike Park weekend.

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A Vantastic Voyage Through the Thompson Okanagan

Tearing yourself away from the riding mecca of the Sea-to-Sky is always hard, especially during prime spring conditions. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out for those less acronym savvy) is real. Yet when Mountain Biking BC, a rad tourism organization working hard to promote everything mountain bikes in the province, offers you the chance to explore new riding areas with your friends you don’t just jump, you say “How high?”.

Four guys; Harry, Mark, Taylor and Will make up the Free Radicals. We drag along Max Berkowitz, the 19-year Old video wonder kid and Simon McLaine, photographer and froth-lord, for a 7-day trip through the Thompson-Okanagan to seek out a sample of the region’s best trails, food and drinks.

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Exploring Vancouver, Coast and Mountain Region with @margusriga

Meet our first #mtbBC Instagrammer of the week, @margusriga! Not one to document from arms length, photographer, Margus Riga enjoys being in the middle of the action. Whether he is spending days unassisted exploring the backcountry or tirelessly navigating the steep slopes of Red Bull Rampage, his shared experience with the athletes allows for images that communicate an authentic story.

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How to Ride the North Shore and Love it (Really)

When I first got to North Vancouver, I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, trail-wise.

People I spoke to either scared me away from trails or made things sound so simple that I ended up in over my head. It doesn’t help that YouTube videos make everything look easy, and Pinkbike videos make everything look hard.

After solo trial and error, I finally came to understand North Shore riding and really grew to love it. I’m convinced anyone—not just advanced riders—can ride the Shore and love it. You just need to know how to.

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Riding South Chilcotin – Spruce Lake

Located an hour drive north of Pemberton, BC, the South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park, is a trail rider’s nirvana. At 56, 796 hectares the park boasts close to 200 km (124 miles) with some of the provinces’ best single-track through broad valleys, and ridgelines with trails meandering through alpine, sub-alpine, meadows, grasslands, and forests.

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Biking & Camping on the BC Gulf Islands; Salt Spring & Hornby

Hornby Island is home to quality singletrack in a very relaxed and scenic setting. Salt Spring is on the opposite end of the spectrum and although relatively quiet and friendly, it’s the most populated island and has a lot more going on because of this. Both are incredible islands to visit, with very different personalities

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