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South Chilcotin

photo credit: John Entwistle

True Wilderness Singletrack

The South Chilcotins. The name sounds ancient, like the people who first knew the land. Mystical. Say “Chilcotins” to riders on any continent, and they will give knowing nods, though, if pressed, likely admit they haven’t been - yet. The Chilcotins put the wilderness into single track. It’s a visually spectacular area with mid-elevation grasslands, sub-alpine and alpine meadows, lakes and mountains. There are broad valleys and ridges, with interconnecting trail systems. Over 200 km’s of trails through broad valleys, alpine meadows and ridges offer an excellent variety of loop trips of varying difficulty and distances.

These trails are rugged, wilderness trails. Be prepared, and be self-sufficient. Ride, don’t slide, unless you’re coming back to fix the corner, because no one else is.  After a day of epic adventure, return to the comfort of a full-service lodge complete with spa, a guest ranch, cosy motel or a catered alpine hut.

South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park on

Plan to visit the South Chilcotins for several days – its well worth the trip! If you have to choose just one epic adventure, the ride to do is…


Trail Rating: The trails in the Chilcotins vary in difficulty. Generally buffy, the trails can quickly become extremely technical, and progress back into flowy trail again within a few kilometres. In another setting, these trails might be rated moderate, however when you’re days from help or spare parts, they are a solid black diamond. Long climbs are the norm. Starting the day with a 3 hour uphill is standard, rewarded with multi-hour descents.

Driving: To access these epic trails, head west from Lillooet to the Bridge River Valley communities of Gold Bridge, Bralorne, Gun Lake, Tyaughton Lake and Marshall Lake along Highway 40 or from Whistler head up the Pemberton Valley over the Hurley Forest Service Road (4-wheel drive recommended).

  • From Whistler over the Hurley Forest Service Road – 2 – 2 ½ hours
  • From Vancouver via Lillooet and Road 40 – 5 hours

Trail access: Trails into the South Chilcotins start from Jewel Bridge/Slim Creek trailheads, as well as the Tyaughton Lake area via the High Trail, Taylor Trail and Tyaughton or Relay Creek Trails.

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Backcountry Adventure in the South Chilcotins

Backcountry Adventure in the South Chilcotins

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