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Fall 2017,  Hornby Island reporting in.   It’s THAT time of year!

Fall 2017, Hornby Island reporting in. It’s THAT time of year!

Thompson: Dry Cold (Brass Monkeys: Happy) -18.2 °C 4cm Snow Expected by Thursday Whistler Village: Raining (Otters: Excited) 4°C 12 mm Expected  Rossland: Freezing Fog (Bears: Hibernating) -3°C 20cm Snow Expected By Tonight Coquihalla: Blizzard Conditions (Truckers: Worried) -16°C 26cm Snow Expected By Friday Hornby Island: Dry (Local Riders: Grinning) Sunny 13°C Winds: Light. Trail Conditions: Tacky. Expected Rider Accumulation: Whoever you bring with you Its THAT time of the year again. Sidewalks are rolled up, leaves are crinkling, apples are crunching, trails are epic.   The crowds have receded back to the concrete jungle. The locals have retreated to studio and farms to recover from the summer onslaught and BnB’s are sitting idle. But wait! Its THAT time of the year again! (Don’t tell anyone cause its my personal favourite) Golden sun slants through reed straight second growth, dewy grass sparkles like jewels in the morning light, skies clear of summer smoke allow vistas from Mt. Baker to North of Campbell River and mist hugs the ground at dusk. Its THAT time again. At the summit you look down on eagles soaring and watch thousands of Bonaparte’s gulls feasting on krill in Lambert Channel. Wait! What’s that? Whales! Also feasting on krill! Who ever thought one could whale watch from your bike at the top of a mountain? Descending is only interrupted by air under wheels on the various optional hits or pure terror (fun) on the built drops and berms of Yer Mom. Mushrooms lurk in the forest, deer scamper off the trail as you climb Four Dead Aliens to the panoramic mossy views on Outer Ridge....